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Add personality to your Home with these colorful suggestions from Plantation Interiors and LaSource Home.

In a space dominated by neutrals, colorful furniture can provide the perfect pop of color. The interior design experts at Plantation Interiors and LaSource Home shared these trending furniture colors from designer Mark D. Sikes’ recent collaboration with Farrow & Ball.

On the ball
“I’ve always been drawn to painted furniture and the whole idea of being able to customize pieces and make them your own. Most of our design schemes are based around Farrow & Ball colors, so it felt like an authentic and natural collaboration.”
— Mark D. Sikes, designer

Dix Blue
Like many of our blues, Dix Blue has a large dose of green included in it, making it both warm and easy to live with.

Similar to the deep glossy red used by David Hicks at Baronscourt in the 1970s, Incarnadine is unashamedly classic and glamorous.

Teresa’s Green
Teresa’s Green has a calming and therapeutic effect but still feels cheerful when combined with delicate shades like White Tie.

Mix & Match
“My theory is that nothing should perfectly match, and nothing should be the exact same color. I feel like rooms should truly be about texture and comfort and surprises. There are specific formulas that of course we are guided by, but at the end of the day, you know when to stop because it just feels right.”
— Mark D. Sikes, designer