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Five ideas for your home: April

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference. 

1. If these walls could talk
They’d tell a tale of enchanted earlier days, when life was simpler, serene and sometimes sketched for display. In the Reynolds dining room, Court Atkins Interior Designer Adrienne Warner tapped Susan Harter Muralpapers to demonstrate the power of a unique visual element to transform ambiance.

2. Powder room panache
Often considered a catalyst for memorable first impressions of your home, the powder room should make a statement. Help it wow guests with distinctive textures and finishes. Begin with an eye-catching wall covering offset by a classic marble floor.

3. Shimmer plus sheer
You want the glimmer of soft light for your dinner guests but not a heavy ornate chandelier that obstructs breathtaking views. Interior Designer Adrienne Warner solved this dilemma with guidance from the lighting experts at Lowcountry Originals in Bluffton.

4. Closet to the max
Your signature style and total wardrobe reside in your closet, so why not dedicate a space for contemplating your next ensemble and orchestrating hair and make-up?

5. Feeling the ceiling
When attempting to add a bolder shade to a gentle pale palette, consider the real estate above! The Reynold’s master suite reaches an aesthetic high with its contrasting turquoise-blue ceiling.