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Five Ideas for Your Home: April

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Secrets to steal from our featured home:

1. Find Balance
The reclaimed flooring would almost overwhelm were it not tempered by the clean lines of the millwork and furnishings. In the balance, it creates something beautiful.

2. Plan Ahead
The Strauss’ are still in their prime, but they’ve planned for the future by having an elevator installed so they can still call this house a home for many years to come.

3. Create Quiet Spots
What could have been a simple plot of grass by the rear breezeway was transformed through exquisite brickwork into a backyard oasis, perfect for quiet reflection.

4. Build In Options
The view was key to this home, and the combination of great room, screened-in patio and upstairs balcony all soaking in it gives three ways to enjoy it no matter the weather.

5. Rethink Your Entryway
One intriguing method for optimizing the view was in relocating the front entrance to the side of the great room. Evoking classic Charleston homes, this freed up space for the unfettered river scenery.