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Five ideas for your home: Coastal family getaway

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Secrets to steal from our featured home:

1. Dreaming in layers. Easily achieve a high-end customized look by opting for layered bedding, rather than settling for standard matching sets. When you include a mix of pillow sizes and quantities, textures and fabrics, you’ll create a designer-approved look with minimal effort.

2. Lighting matters. When designing your interior spaces, consider your lighting. Group 3 Designs interior designer, Taylor Robinson, strongly values the selection of lighting fixtures. The right choice has the power to provide much of the character you need in a room.

3. Details, details, details. This is often said but not truer than in the design of this home. From the shiplap, rustic wood wall paneling, exposed wood ceiling beams, to tiled columns, use a variety of details to make the home your own.

4. Keep it local. Custom-designed cabinets made by a local company can be cost effective and made to exact specifications. Here Group 3 designed the cabinetry to the ceiling, integrating the ceiling crown moldings.

5. Find your quiet space. Everyone needs a space to relax and recharge, so consider designing your quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of higher traffic areas and away from a TV. These owners valued quiet seating areas where they could maximize views, read a book, enjoy a cocktail, or converse with family. Find a quiet space where you can do the same.