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Five ideas for your home: Dazzling stone accents

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Can you dig it?
Courtney Jansen of Distinctive Granite and Marble shares the materials that make this house memorable.

1. In the kitchen  Ocean Blue Quartzite. “This has really pretty veining throughout,” said Jansen. “One thing we did was miter the kitchen island so it makes more of a statement.”

2. In the bathroom  Monte Carlo Quartz. “This is very durable and has that beach theme. The quartz itself is very easy to maintain, especially if you rent out or have kids.”

3. On the patio  Seagrass Limestone. “It has little fossils and shells in it to carry that light beach theme. It comes out of the ground like that.”

4. In the guest bath  Zetrazzo. “This is a man-made material embedded with recycled glass that typically goes in a bathroom where people want to give it a pop of color.”

5. On the bar  Tiffany Quartzite. “You’ll generally see a higher concentration of quartz. A lot of times, quartzite is a little calmer. But we wanted it a little more veiny.”