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Five ideas for your home: February

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Secrets to steal from our featured home…

1. Take it outside
A full renovation doesn’t just transform this inside. A fresh coat of paint outside took an oddly dark exterior and made it the neutral-toned introduction to the color schemes that await within.

2. Get in on the ground floor
Create a unique atmosphere with patterned flooring. This black and white design is great for traditional and contemporary room settings. Other trendy color combos include soft greys and taupes and variations of traditional deep blue colors.

3. Use art to create unity
The massive Ben Ham print above the foyer is joined by a series of Ben Ham prints down the front hallway, creating a subconscious sense of unity between spaces as you enter the home. By placing thematically tied works of art at key places in your home, you can join spaces and set the mood.

4. Don’t leave anything out
The laundry room might not be on the top of your renovation priorities, but just look at the effect a new set of open shelves, black absolute leather finish granite counters and farmhouse flair had in this house.

5. Go full Marie Kondo in every room
If you’re not familiar with the organization guru, her driving question for everything is “Does this spark joy?”
Does your coat closet not spark joy? Well, maybe a wine cellar will.