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Five Ideas for Your Home: February

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Secrets to steal from our featured home:

1. Maximize your Outdoor Space
Opening up the outdoor living space to a second story not only makes it feel like a more natural extension of the home, it lets in so much more natural light.

2. Hide Your Fridge
The component covers on the refrigerator and freezer, coupled with the unique way they’re situated an opposite sides of a breezeway, keep them from dominating the kitchen space.

3. Temper your tones
A little bit of dark wood goes a long way. Balancing out a light living space with a few accent pieces or beams creates marvelous visual intrigue.

4. Think outside the island
If you have the space for it, a double island completely changes the flow of a kitchen, creating an exponential amount of workspace.

5. Create separate spaces
Sometimes the whole family wants to be together. Sometimes, the adults just want some quiet time. An upstairs media room provides the perfect opportunity to give the kids their own space.