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Five Ideas for Your Home: July

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Secrets to steal from our featured home.

1. Mix Up Styles
Kaleta was fearless about switching up architectural styles as she worked with architects and builders to craft her dream home. Don’t be afraid to pair Lowcountry elements with more formal European-inspired designs to make something truly your own.

2. Capitalize on a View
The symmetry of the front hall and the barrel ceiling above it create a clear sightline out onto the river as soon as you enter. Find your view and frame your home to properly spotlight it.

3. Give Your Passions a Space
The art gallery and the wine cellar put the Kaleta’s passions front and center, imbuing the house with their personality and truly making it a home. Find ways to showcase your passions front and center.

4. Give everyone their space
Between the den upstairs and the spacious office it leads to, the third-floor rec room and the plentiful outdoor spaces, this home gives everyone a quiet space to unwind and reflect on the scenic beauty along the river.

5. Let Your Home Represent Your Journey
“I like to think that people feel the history of our family here,” said Kathleen. “Our house might be new, but our home has been built and layered over time. Through the furnishings, the art, the accents there is a true combination of memories, some sentimentality and some new pieces chosen for this place and moment in time.”