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Five ideas for your home: March

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Secrets to steal from our featured home…

1. Pale and interesting
Try painting the floor and ceiling moldings a pale color that is part of your home’s color palette. This works to soften the contrast between wall color and the typical white molding.

2. Off the handle
Cover the door to the pantry with the same cabinet panels used in the kitchen cabinets. Use soft-close hinges and magnets to eliminate door handles, and the pantry becomes virtually invisible. The same space also can be transformed to a safe room, a wine cellar or a butler’s pantry.

3. Side effect
Try a drape on one side of the window only (if you need privacy, use blinds). You can even use a half-size drapery rod. It creates the illusion of a frame and it’s a sassy, modern look.

4. In hot water
Install a Rinnai tankless water heater if you have a gas line. You will never run out of hot water, no matter how many showers are taken, even if you run the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time.

5. Fridge Benefits
If you happen to need a second refrigerator, place it in a utility room rather than in the garage. It not only will be more convenient, it won’t have to work as hard being in an air-conditioned space … and that means less expense.