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Five ideas for your home: May 2021

1. Spend with your eyes

You spend where your eye falls. Don’t spend a lot on bedrooms where you never spend any time. Here in the living room, space was left in the budget for dazzling touches like the two-tone coffered ceiling.

2. Get out in front of costs

Most of your money is spent before the first hammer ever falls. The biggest place to save on costs is the design itself. The swimming pool was an early part of the plans, carefully planned to avoid surprises.

3. Mind your materials

Even something as simple as plaster can help achieve a historic look, as it has here. The use of plaster between historic beams gives it character. Plaster has more texture, and if you’re going for that (historic) feel, it adds a lot, especially next to antique beams.

4. Buck the trends

Everyone knows an exquisite home needs a stunning formal dining room, right? Well, are you everyone? You don’t have to think like everyone else. As for the kitchen, get a big island and let the kids eat there. A simple extension can even bring dining into the kitchen, adding to family time.

5. Built-in efficiency

Heating and cooling a home in the Lowcountry can be painless if you plan right. The SIPs used in the construction of this home contain triple the amount of insulation needed for Code, and the combination of taller ceilings and shaded windows helps keep heat from the sun to a minimum.