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Five Ideas for Your Home: November

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

secrets to steal from our featured home:

1. Upgrade your appliances
Sometimes a new appliance just adds a shiny new touch to your kitchen. The appliances chosen by the Walkers add a slew of functionality, whether it’s one-touch coffee in the morning, perfectly steam-cooked dinners or refrigeration that adapts to the kitchen’s design.

2. Bring the outside in
The Walkers incorporated their beautiful Lowcountry surroundings into their home with artwork of local landscapes and wildlife. The stunning oyster chandelier (photo 5) added instant charm to the great room.

3. Get creative with the lighting
In a home rich with intriguing details, the built-in lighting running up the staircase banister is among the Walkers’ favorites. “They’re great as nightlights, but they also give the stairs some character,” said Anne.

4. Make room for the furry family
“We’re crazy about our pups, so they have their own suite,” said Skip. Their dogs, Rudder and Sailor, enjoy the comforts of a set of built-in kennels and a grooming station with tub in a modest space that otherwise would have gone underutilized.

5. Adapt your Inspiration
Many of the elements in the home came from Anne’s collection of clippings from various magazines. The fireplace wall with its rounded windows at the corners required some serious adaptation, but it resulted in one of the home’s signature elements. “In the home featured in the magazine, this was used as a divider between a living room and a dining room. Since we didn’t have a dining room on the other side, we asked for windows,” said Anne. The windows are functional as well, providing the space with more natural light.