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Five Ideas for Your Home: October

These minor enhancements & upgrades can make a major difference in your home.

1. An Eye on Entertainment

The Maloneys regularly entertain their Spring Island neighbors on the spacious lanai out back where the scenery dazzles. This space was situated within easy reach of the kitchen, with wide doors that allow both spaces to work in harmony.

2. Make Your Outdoor Spaces Useful

Sherie is an avid cook and she’s created an entire farmer’s market of fruit and herbs in her outdoor space. From fresh squeezed lemonade to fresh curry leaf for Thai food, it’s all within reach.

3. Create “Moments”

At any point in the Maloney’s home, you can glance around somewhere and find what Sherie calls “moments,” slight visual points of interest that present the opportunity to let the mind wander. Whether this is sight line out to a garden or a bird feeder, these are the accents that make a house home.

4. Embrace Natural Light

Natural light is everywhere in this home, something that the Maloneys prize. “If you can bring in natural light, always do it,” Sherie said. “When remodeling, if you have to make a decision between bigger island or a window, take the window.”

5. Don’t Fight Mother Nature

The bridge that greets guests traveled over a natural culvert where builders put in riverstone to create a gentle waterway. When heavy rains created a few more culverts than the plans originally called for, the Maloneys simply added more stones. The result is a walkway around the house that heightens the feeling of natural serenity.