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Five Ideas for Your Home: September

Minor enhancements & upgrades that make a major difference.

Secrets to steal from our featured home

[1] Less is more
Rather than focus on what you need to add, look at what can be taken away. Simply removing one of the ceiling fans in the living space eliminated visual clutter, creating a cleaner look.

[2] Keep it simple
A simple addition of materials can create an accent wall that completely changes the character of a room and can add functionality. Here we see how vertical siding and shiplap, added carefully to certain areas, creates a theme of coastal chic.

[3] Work with what you have
Group 3 didn’t make any changes to the existing pool, but was still able to completely transform the outdoor living spaces with the addition of pavers on an extended terrace.

[4] Keep it light
Muted colors are on-trend for Lowcountry homes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t timeless. White trim against subdued blues and greens make of a look that will last a lifetime.

[5] Hire a designer/architect
OK, this one might be cheating a little. But even for smaller jobs, it never hurts to have a professional perspective. Odds are, they’ll come up with something you hadn’t thought of.