Five ways to achieve a coastal look

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©Photo by John McManus

Achieving a luxurious coastal look in interior design takes the classic coastal style and elevates it with high-quality materials, elegant furniture, layers of texture, statement lighting and unexpected natural elements. The dining space of this oceanfront home on Hilton Head Island is the perfect example. Use these tips from interior designer Taylor Stone of Group 3 Designs to create a coastal space that feels both sophisticated and relaxing.

The dining space of this oceanfront home on Hilton Head Island is anything but formal with bookshelves, coastal accessories and a nook with soft seating and pillows. 

Layered lighting 

Elevate your space by mixing different styles of lighting. By incorporating a variety of wall sconces, hanging fixtures and table lamps into a space, they create dimension and allow you to highlight architectural details or special features.  

Pop of color 

A beautiful floral arrangement can instantly add more color and life to a room. Consider a display of greenery and flowers with deeper or brighter hues of your existing furnishings for a nice contrast.

Durability meets texture 

When you have a high-traffic space, utilizing durable fabrics and materials can help your furnishings last for years to come. Balancing a mix of indoor/outdoor fabrics, leathers, synthetic woven wickers and rustic woods helps withstand daily wear and tear, as well as incorporate a nice blend of textures and surfaces.

Build it in 

Including customized built-in cabinets or bookcases is the perfect way to add character to a space and allows you to include storage and organization as well as display shelving to highlight your favorite pieces.

Centerpiece scale 

When selecting the perfect tablescape or centerpiece, consider choosing pieces that aren’t so tall that they will block your guests’ line of sight. If you have a long table, opt for length so you’ll be engaging a good portion of your table.

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