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Five ways to upgrade your kitchen

Expert tips & advice from the team at Arlene Williams Kitchen Design

Transforming your home is a balance between art and science.

1. Find the perfect backsplash.
It not only protects your walls from cooking splatters but adds a decorative element. Not sure if you want to introduce a lot of color? Consider a tile that has an interesting shape or texture. And for extra drama, carry the tile to the ceiling.

2. Layer your light.
When selecting lighting for your kitchen, it is important to consider layering the light. General area lighting is most often recessed can lights. Be thoughtful of the placement so you don’t create dark spots or shadows. Task lighting is both well placed overhead lighting and undercabinet lights. Decorative lighting can be in an upper transom cabinet, and of course the perfect pendant lights are the final touch.

3. Expand your space.
If you have the space, consider adding a bar. It doesn’t have to be big, but it is a great way to maximize and expand your entertaining space.

4. Show off your art.
Light your upper transom cabinets and use them as a place to display the objects you love.

5. Choose a focal point.
If there is a feature of your home that you love, work with your design team to incorporate it into the new design.