Floral of the month: Light as air

Sean Bishop is the founder and owner of The Fox and Olive on Mathews Drive

Light as air

Primary flower origin: Deep South

“Light as air” is the perfect August arrangement because the humidity levels are at their highest, and air plants crave humidity. It includes:

1. Xerographica

2. Tectorum

Why it works 

Feeling clammy

Utilizing this clamshell allows the air plants to be arranged in different directions and allows each air plant to pop in its own way. 


Each arrangement texture keeps the eye wandering to each plant and draws you in, maybe even tempting you to touch. 


Pairing the colors and balancing out the grasses and tall spikes allow for a showcase of how to put different air plants together.

The Fox’s care tips 

To keep an air plant alive, these tips prolong its life and beauty.

1. Place in bright, filtered light. Room temperature is preferred. 

2. Submerge roots in water every 5-7 days, or mist frequently. During hot, dry spells, plants should be watered or misted often. 

3. Use a fertilizer made for Bromeliads or houseplant fertilizer to quarter strength. Spray once every two weeks during spring and summer, then once a month for autumn and winter.

4. Never place air plants in soil. 

Little-known Fox fun fact: 

Air plants, also called Tillandsia, are known for being filters. They are great for removing indoor allergens and pollens and cooking odors

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