Floral of the month: Orange You Glad

Sean Bishop is the founder and owner of The Fox and Olive on Mathews Drive

Orange You Glad

Primary flower origin: Queensland, Australia

“Orange You Glad” is the perfect June arrangement to bring the colors of sunset inside. It includes: 

1. New Orleans Garden Rose
2. Protea Grand Gloriosa

Why it works 

Complementary  colors: The flowers have the perfect contrast against the avocado green vessel.

Containers can be the hero: This container is a fun décor item and a vase, like a two-for-one.    

Seasonal color: Choose colors that reflect the season. In this case, orange reflects the Lowcountry sunset.

The Fox’s care tips 

For most fresh florals these are tips to prolong the life and beauty of your fresh arrangement:

1. Change the water every 2-3 days. This means removing the florals and washing the vessel. 

2. Never use plant food. Sean says, “If nature wanted flowers to be fed food, there would be food in the rain.”

3. Cut the stems every four days.

4. Preen flowers and leaves as they wilt or die.

5. Choose quality stems over cheap ones. Quality and care will prolong the arrangement and more than pay back the cost difference. 

Little-known Fox fun fact: 

Most roses’ scents are from the pollen, as fragrance has been bred out to prolong life. However, a garden rose is naturally very fragrant. 

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