Floral arrangement with purples, blues, whites and greens in a glass vase

Floral of the month: Stormy skies

Sean Bishop is the founder and owner of The Fox and Olive on Mathews Drive

Stormy skies

Primary flower origin: Holland

“Stormy Skies” is the perfect April arrangement, as the color composition is reminiscent of an April thunderstorm sky and, at the same time, the fresh colors are a reminder that spring is here. It includes: 

1. New Orleans garden roses

2. Lavender and blue delphinium

3. Antique greens

Why it works 

Versatility: This low arrangement will brighten any dinner table, bedside or coffee table. 

Groupings: Putting just four white roses together creates a pop of color on the pretty blues and lavender.

Minimal green: The florals are the heroes and don’t need greenery to shine. 

The Fox’s care tips 

For most fresh florals, these tips prolong the life and beauty of your fresh arrangement:

1. Change the water every two to three days. This means removing the florals and washing the vessel. 

2. Never use plant food. Sean says, “If nature wanted flowers to be fed food, there would be food in the rain.” 

3. Cut the stems every four days.

4. Preen flowers and leaves as they wilt or die.

5. Choose quality stems over cheap ones. Quality and care will prolong the arrangement and more than pay back the cost difference. 

Little-known Fox fun fact: 

The white garden rose, also known as “purity,” dates back to the 1830s and was reportedly discovered in Martha Washington’s garden.  

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