Four warning signs you might be insulin resistant

Do you look at food and gain weight?

Does it feel like no matter what you try, you can’t lose weight quickly? The problem might not be with how much you are eating, but with what you are eating. People who gain weight quickly even when they are counting calories might have a problem with carbohydrate conversion. You can exercise frequently, drink plenty of water, and yet still gain weight when you are trying to diet. If any of the following warning signs are present, you should be tested to see if you are insulin resistant.

1. WEIGHT GAIN. If you gain weight even when you are eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, there is a good chance you could be insulin resistant. Although they are full of nutrition and healthy minerals, fruits and vegetables also quickly convert to sugar in your bloodstream. If you tend to pack on the pounds when you are filling your plate with fruits and veggies, ask your doctor to check whether you have difficulty metabolizing carbohydrates.

2. BLOATING. If you tend to feel bloated after each meal even when you are eating low-carbohydrate meals, you might have an intolerance for carbohydrates. Blood tests can determine whether your thyroid is functioning properly and your blood sugar metabolism is normal.

3. LOW ENERGY. If you feel noticeably lethargic after consuming even small amounts of high-carbohydrate foods, your body might not be able to process carbohydrates effectively. This can result in fat building up around your mid-section as most carbohydrates are converted to fat instead of being used for energy.

4. STOMACH ISSUES. If your bowels react to foods like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes, you might be insulin resistant. Those afflicted with this tend to have loose stools within 24 hours of consuming high-carbohydrate foods.

If you suspect you are insulin resistant, it is crucial you speak to your family physician for an accurate diagnosis. You can still live a long and healthy life, you just need to adjust your eating habits. Your problem weight gain might not be from insufficient exercise. Those extra pounds you can’t seem to shed could be a result of your body’s inability to process carbohydrates effectively.

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