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From static to dramatic

LOCAL Life unveils an interactive digital platform to take your reading experience to the next level.

Take advantage of our very new digital platform when it comes to reading the latest issue of LOCAL Life. With this platform, tons of new features will be available to take your reading experience to the next level. The issues will be very searchable, and the documents will change to fit whatever device you’re on, giving you the best viewing experience. Dig in and see all the cool, new things that you can do with the online version of LOCAL Life.

Mobile Device

Left-hand toolbar

  • Search bar: Want to jump to your favorite section of the magazine? Or quickly find articles on your favorite subject? The search bar will be your new best friend. Say you want to find everything “tech” related. Simply type in your keyword, and boom – it’ll search the entire issue and bring up every page with the word “tech” on it. You then can scroll through the pages and see what articles interest you. 
  • Thumbs: Turning on thumbs will create a popup at the bottom of the screen showing thumbnails of the pages. This will allow for an overall view that could help you get to a certain section faster or just see what’s coming next.
  • Contents: Clicking the contents button will automatically bring you back to the table of contents. 
  • Save my place: This feature acts as a digital bookmark. If you need to take a break reading the issue, simply press this button, and when you open the issue on the same device, it’ll bring you right back to where you left off. 
  • Download PDF: Downloading the issue as a PDF will be great for offline reading, conversion or archiving. 
  • Mobile view: If you’re curious, or maybe it’s just a personal preference, you can view the issue in mobile view on your desktop. However, when you do this, you’ll notice the toolbar is gone, and the features will change. 

Now hear this: Additional features

On the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you’ll see the icons of a magnifying glass and a pair of headphones. Clicking on the magnifying glass will zoom in on the left-hand page. Clicking on the pair of headphones will bring your digital experience to life. Whatever article your page is on, an AI voice will begin to read it to you. This is a great feature for when you’re cooking, doing household chores or relaxing in the pool and don’t want to get your issue wet. On the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you’ll see another icon of a magnifying glass. Clicking on this will zoom you into the right-hand page.


The desktop version is pretty straightforward. You simply scroll left to read the issue, and the pages will read like the physical version. Once the book is “opened,” you’ll see an icon with the cover pop up in the bottom left corner that reads “CONTENTS.” Clicking on this will take you to a table of contents, which you can then click on the article you’d like to read. When doing so, a mobile version of the article will appear, making it much easier to read than zooming in and out of a PDF.