Gaelic Slang: Ways to use Irish phrases in your Lowcountry life.

These phrases are Most effective when combined with Irish accent!

Banjaxed: To be tired or broken down.“Stuck on 278. I’m completely banjaxed.”

Bejesus: A mild expletive used to express surprise. “The roofer was 40 minutes late, cocky as bejesus.”

On the long finger: To procrastinate or delay something. “The Sea Turtle project seems to be on the long finger.”

Blaggard: A scoundrel; an untrustworthy person. “He’s such a blaggard. Must be a Patriots fan.”

Olagonin’: Moaning or complaining. “Yes, it’s hot. We’re in the Deep South. Stop olagonin’!”

Whisht: Ask someone to be quiet. “Whisht! You’re spooking the pelicans.”

Shenanigans: Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.“All kinds of shenanigans at the Triangle tonight.”

Jack: A toilet or restroom“You don’t know that. In fact, you don’t know Jack!”

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