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Flavors of fashion

As the seasons turn, not only does fashion change, but foods and flavors do as well. The weather gets cooler, and flavors of the season start to affect everyday attire. Clothes begin to mimic the colors of fall foods. Sweaters and skirts take on radish red and cranberry colors, jackets and purses imitate the warm shades of carrots and freshly baked bread, and dresses and pants reflect the colors of cherry pie and warm pumpkin pie. LOCAL Life stylist Roxanne Gilleland blended the flavors of fall with the flavors of fashion and showcased them in an Instagram-worthy way. Special thanks to Jennifer Gleitsmann at Marmalade Homemade Baking for providing the pies, and to Sprout Momma for providing the breads.

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Lisa Staff

Roxanne Gilleland

Maddie Bane

Fall colors and flavors

Finishing touches

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