Globally inspired decor

These dreamy styles can transport your spaces to other places

Story by Julia Hall

Many people decorate their homes in the style of their favorite culture and embellish with travel mementos to remind them of the good times they’ve had abroad. But even if you don’t have a lot of stamps in your passport, you still can feather your nest as if you were a frequent flyer. Here are some tips to bedeck your abode in some of the hippest, international, jet-set decor without ever having to leave the country.

Canadian Rustic Modern

Although we don’t suspect that there are many loggers cabins in the Lowcountry, we know our readers are enchanted by the rustic warmth of a fire, or the smell of fresh pine. The rustic modern look combines elements of wood and brick with dark gray featured in many modern Canadian homes. It’s minimalist and moody.

French Farmhouse

The French Farmhouse look is arranged with dashes of vintage golds and browns against white walls. Letting in light are portes-fenêtres, which in French means “windowed doors” or “door-sized windows.” Complete this look by adding tufted furniture. 


Feel inspired by the Japanese company Flame, which makes lighting fixtures with the brilliance of the rising and setting sun in mind. Purchase colored lighting with the intention of replicating something beautiful. Pay attention to the way light fixtures make you feel or imagine different aspects of nature.


The Chinese cultivated blue-and-white porcelain in the first half of the 14th century. These handcrafted dishes appealed to Mongol rulers in China and have been handmade for centuries across Asia and the Middle East. Blue-and-white porcelain can add a wise, oriental flavor to a bookshelf. Complete this look with a pine sprout nearby. 

Latin American

Latin American-inspired decor is characterized by vibrant hues, handmade cultural accessories and a laid-back layout which flows with warmth and hospitality. If you are a bright and energized person with artistic flair, this Vincent Van Gogh-color palette is your gateway to a Latin American dream home. Contrast sherbet oranges with deep blues to achieve this kaleidoscope of color.

Mediterranean Modern

A display full of patterned blues just like the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean style invites you to use the contrast of white and blue to create an elegant, breezy atmosphere. Add a bronze touch here or there, and don’t be afraid to accent with plants. Lots of plants. Palms, if you can.


Modern yet earthy, Africa-inspired decor features woven baskets and low-sitting furniture. Highlight browns, golds and blacks to reflect a sunlit African savanna. Place faux pampas grass in corners to liven up the space. This style of decor could be easily blended into a beach or nautical-themed home or condo.


Enjoy your mimosas with a touch of modern with a Scandinavian table setting. Use multicolored chairs like these developed by Danish designer Verner Panton in 1959, and complement with matching vases and colorful floral arrangements. Spread a white tablecloth to allow your pastels to pop.

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