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Great golf car

Tomberlin SS Coupe

Cruise your neighborhood in style with this safe, stylish and fun personal transportation vehicle from Tomberlin. Sure, you can use it to play golf, but it’s so much more than that. The SS Coupe was created for master-planned communities and short-distance commuting. It boasts the performance (15-25 mph) and styling expected in an automobile with the convenience and freedom of an electric vehicle. Pick one up for $14,329 at Olde Towne Golf Cars in Bluffton.

Key features

1. Dual USB power ports for charging smart phones and tablets.

2. Backlit headliner with a Bluetooth stereo, and front and rear cabin lighting.

3. Dual backlit side mirrors and illuminated turn signals to improve visibility.

4. 3-point seat belts help secure the driver and passengers.

5. Easy-to-reach steering wheel column toggle controls.

6. 7-inch LCD display with speedometer and odometer.

7. A rearview camera is fully integrated with the dash display.

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