Hair of the dog: Morning hangover cure

If last night’s party has you feeling a little ruff, lift your spirits with this morning hangover cure using local spirits.

Pickled okra & vodka


2 ounces Bloody Point Mixing Co. Remedy

2 ounces Hilton Head Distillery Aermoor Vodka

2 ounces okra pickle juice

1 pickled okra (garnish)

1 lemon wedge


Directions [1] Rub lemon wedge on the rim of glass and dip it into a shallow plate of salt. [2] Mix equal parts of Remedy, Aermoor Vodka and okra pickle juice. [3] Pour over ice and garnish with okra. Sip, repeat, recover.

About the ingredients

Bloody Point Mixing Co. Remedy

The perfect morning cocktail containing caffeine and Vitamin B12. The B12 interacts with the tomato juice perfectly, yielding a softer finish and allowing the horseradish to prevail. This lighter finish makes this the perfect cocktail for those early mornings and helps prepare you for the daily battle. Each 4-ounce serving contains 25 mg of caffeine and 3 mcg of B-12 (2.4 is the recommended daily intake for adults).

Hilton Head Distillery Aermoor Vodka

Distilled 49 times from molasses, Hilton Head Distillery proofs its vodka with water pulled straight from Hilton Head Island’s low-lying mists. It is extraordinarily smooth with subtle hints of vanilla and tropical fruit. This highly purified vodka causes less intense hangovers than darker liquors or liquor mixed with energy drinks, making it a better option for the next morning.

Pickled okra juice

Most people purchase jars of pickled okra for the actual okra, but if you like to party, the juice should not be discarded. It contains a high concentration of electrolytes to help your body recover from a night of heavy drinking, plus it pairs well with the handcrafted Bloody Mary mix and vodka featured in this recipe.

4 Hacks for Beating the Hangover Blues

1. Drink in moderation (1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men).

2. Consume drinks that are low in congeners (gin, vodka, clear rum, sake).

3. Avoid drinks that are high in congeners (brandy, whiskey, tequila, cordials).

4. Eat before drinking and eat a good breakfast the next morning.

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