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Happiness still flows here

There is no better time to be there for one another and appreciate all the good we have.

When I sit down to write this letter on the 15th each month, I’m excited to tell you what will be taking place in the month ahead. This is the first time I can remember that I don’t know what will be going on around you when you will be reading this issue. That is a very strange feeling and it gave me pause for reflection because I do know that your lives and businesses have already been impacted as events and travel plans changed and as tensions and uncertainty continue to heighten. But here’s what I also know: I know that the beaches, rivers and oceans around us will not change; that our neighbors and friends will still be our neighbors and friends; and that the Spanish moss, dolphins and sunshine won’t go away. The team at LOCAL Life did debate if and how we should change this issue given all that is going on around us and we decided that now, more than ever, LOCAL Life must celebrate the people and beauty of this place we call home.

It is only possible to publish LOCAL Life with the support of our advertisers. It is the advertising revenue that enables us to mail it to your home, pay the best freelancers and team in the industry and to share the stories and goings-on that are meaningful to you. That is a very long way to ask you to please support our advertisers in any way that you can. We are privileged to have you as readers and to have the quality of advertisers that we do. Now more than ever is the time to support each other and our local businesses.

This issue focuses on the beautiful water all around us and the impact it has on our lives. We highlight the Lowcountry’s most majestic waterways, examine our water quality and introduce you to local water experts. Enhance your life with innovative water-related gadgets. Read books where water plays a main character. Learn different techniques for cooking with water and recreate seafood recipes from local chefs and restaurants.

We have tips and tricks to drink more water while using less of it, and share nine benefits of swimming you need to know.

We teamed up with Outside Hilton Head, ELA’s On the Water and Shelter Cove Marina for a stylish spring fashion shoot. If you like what you see, all of the boats can be rented through Outside and all of the outfits can be purchased at local shops and boutiques.

What fish are biting this month? Dolphin (mahi-mahi, not Flipper). Our fishing expert spills the beans on how to hook and cook them. We carry the water theme into the home, showcasing fabulous faucets and cool pools you can have installed.

We hope you find water-related art from local artists and galleries as stirring, thought-provoking and inspirational as we do. For a good time,
just add water!


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