Hidden in plain sight

Conceal your large screen TV with a stylish audio/video cabinet.

As the average size of televisions owned in the US has grown, so has the challenge of camouflaging their shiny, flat and massive screens when not in use.
Curt Hubner, owner of Advanced Integrated Controls in Bluffton, shared inspiration for hiding a large TV in a stylish way with this local project.

1. Thanks for the lift

This custom A/V cabinet utilizes a motorized Nexus 21 pop-up lift to conceal a 55-inch Sony 4K TV. “When not in use, the TV is no longer a distraction and will not bog down the decor or aesthetic of the room,” Hubner said.

2. Speakers of the house

The speakers used are from Totem and are named the Tribe Tower. “They musically energize a room and bring every sound to vivid, three-dimensional life, from the subtlest whisper to complex symphonies.” 

3. Turn it up 

Another hidden hero in this entertainment space is the Halo by Parasound amplifier. Part of Parasound’s premier product line, the Halo series marks a new standard for sound and style. “Every Halo model has earned an unprecedented number of rave reviews from top critics in the audio/video industry.”

All items and features shown are available through Advanced Integrated Controls. Learn more at hiltonheadhometheater.com. 

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