From High Point to Old Town

World-famous furniture manufacturer finds inspiration in Old Town Bluffton Inn

Story by Barry Kaufman 

It’s an eclectic mix of various styles, colors, designs and inspirations. In one room, a neoclassical theme might see a pompadour desk set beside a lush king bed set in gold-trimmed Passy headboard. In another, a more modern approach would see a monochromatic motif running throughout the Brno chair, Renaissance desk and drapery panels.

It’s the style that has been meticulously crafted by the operators of Old Town Bluffton Inn, and now it has inspired a new line of furniture from North Carolina’s French Heritage Furniture. Making its debut at the world-famous High Point Market, the furniture was set up to emulate how it will eventually look within the old-world luxury of Old Town Bluffton Inn.

Hot Headboards

French Heritage’s upholstered king Lilles headboard can be found at the Old Town Bluffton Inn. The small Felix chest and porthos ottoman complement the headboard perfectly.




This French Heritage Luberon headboard and complementary duval end table, Brno chair and oval bed bench gives this room a warm, yet luxurious feel.




The gold finish on the king Passy headboard, Boule Gueridon end tables, concerto chair, and bellevue benches from French Heritage gives this room an exquisite look and feel.


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