Hilton Head’s untold history

Revisiting lesser-known events and individuals who contributed to the Island’s fascinating story.

Stories by Richard Thomas

LOCAL Life illustrator Megan Goheen hit the books to create this digital oil painting, inspired by Captain John Stoney’s “Saucy Jack” ship. “I read multiple articles about the appearance of the ship and took inspiration from other paintings that featured merchant vessels in the 1800s,” she explained.

During the 500-year span of Hilton Head’s recorded history, many well-known people have been involved in events of national significance that happened on or near the Island. Throughout that same period, lesser-known individuals and events also contributed to the fascinating story of our past in ways that are impactful and notable in their own right. This will be an attempt to bring some of them into the spotlight so they too can be acknowledged and appreciated appropriately.

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Untold History

Mackays (Pinckney) Island

Bailey’s Barony

HHI versus Great Britain

Captain Jack Stoney

An island by many other names

Grave robbers once roamed Hilton Head

Myths & Misconceptions

Lighthouse keepers’ cottages and the Great Sea Island Hurricane of 1893

Derivation of the name ‘Skull Creek’

Baynard poker game

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