Hold your horses

Create an equine-themed entrance with these pro design tips

The owner of this Palmetto Bluff home has a passion for equestrian sports and wanted to convey that aesthetic throughout the décor. The Court Atkins Group Interior Design team was able to incorporate horse-themed artwork and relevant accessories to drive home the theme.

Author: Gregory Vaughan + Photography: John McManus and Deborah Van Plew


Tie the room together: A beautiful rug adds color and texture while the pattern helps draw you into the space.
Natural selection: Who among us doesn’t love a hint of natural greenery inside our home? Guests will enjoy it as well, so why not treat them to a fresh bouquet, a verdant fern, or a budding branch right inside your front door?
Bright Idea: Add a lamp or scented candle as a light source – always a good thing.
Fill the space: Upholstered stools help to soften all the wood and add balance while complementing antique pieces. Decorative books also highlight the theme and add another layer of interest.

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