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Home Art

Home is not a place … it’s a feeling

It’s where you make it. It’s where your heart is. It’s home sweet home. For this “Close to Home” issue, we asked our favorite local galleries to share their favorite works inspired by home. While many locals are the opposite of homesick at the moment, just remember — it feels good to leave but even better to come back.

Grandmother’s Garden by Dan Gerhartz (Red Piano Gallery)
Cabanas Grande by Craig Ford (Camellia Art)
Singleton Beach by David Randall (Fast Frame)
Sanctuary by Dottie Leatherwood (Camellia Art)
Screened-In by Mark Boedges (Red Piano Gallery)
The Blues by Stephen Scott Young (Red Piano Gallery)
Mother and Child by Louanne LaRoche (Camellia Art)
Summer Blues by Millie Gosch (Camellia Art)


Reflection by Alex Sharma


Saturday – The Weekly Appointment

From a week’s worth of memories with my grandmother,
who has dementia

I’m in the chair again,

and I release the clasp

that holds the loose chignon

of memories off of my nape.

Pieces tumble down…

“Your hair looks stuck to your head.

You need a bodywave and a trim,

but don’t get it all cut off.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.”

So my grandmother’s hairdresser, Ruby,

pulled bobby pins from her pinched lips,

strapped down my unruly strands

around hard curlers,

doused my head with solution, and

placed me on a telephone book

to dry under the hood.

Now, I think about the curls I no longer have.

I don’t protect my head as Grandmother did —

by sitting outside the pool,

or as Mom did —

by keeping her head above the water.

No, I only worry over the heads on pennies

my children and I dive to find.

— Elizabeth Abrams