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To rust or not to rust

Story by Jeremy Press

Jeremy Press (aka the Appliance Whisperer) of Appliances by Design has agreed to provide home appliance tips and advice to LOCAL Life readers. Got a great home appliance tip? Contact him at [email protected]

June is an amazing time to be living here in the Lowcountry. The days are long, the weather is great and we are all spending quality time outside next to our coolers and grills. Unfortunately, our unique climate can quickly wear down many of our outdoor toys and furniture. Here are a few tips for keeping your grill running longer and preventing rust on other outdoor metal items.

Don’t overreact: Not all rust is rust

Many people see the first brown spot on their grill and think it is rusting away. This is not the case.  Before a grill or outdoor metal object will rust and corrode away, surface rust will form. This looks like rust but it is really just a salt deposit on the surface. WD-40 or rubbing alcohol will get rid of it in a couple of seconds.

Wax on: Apply a protective finish

To help keep surface rust from settling and turning into corrosion or rust, apply a protective finish to your items. I have always liked using car wax for my grill cart and metal railings. It does not work well on grill lids because of the heat, but it works great on the rest of the body accessories. The best way to keep your outdoor toys from showing wear is to treat them as soon as you see something wrong. Enjoy the start of summer!

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