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Home Hacks: Capture Fifties style in your kitchen

The time was colorful, elegant and unique in style. For many, the 1950s definitely deserve the nickname “fabulous.”

Story by Jeremy Press
Jeremy Press (aka the Appliance Whisperer) of Appliances by Design has agreed to provide home appliance tips and advice to LOCAL Life readers. Got a great home appliance tip? Contact him at [email protected]

But in today’s time with wi-fi everything, and contemporary styles taking the world by storm, can you make your Lowcountry home have the feel of the pre-bridge era? This question can be difficult for the appliance world. Most of the highest rated brands focus in on stainless steel or black stainless appliances. The times of avocado green, canary yellow, as well as all shades of blue and green have mostly left the kitchen. Luckily, there are a few options to turn the clock back and make your kitchen look fabulous without decreasing the modern luxuries of technology.

If it is the American ‘50s style you crave, there are North American brands that have mastered the style and color of the 1950s kitchen. This unique process is where a modern appliance is built with all of today’s best features and options. Then instead of just painting it a color like some companies do, a whole new body is meticulously built around it, capturing every detail of the ‘50s style, from curves to accents. The change-up in your kitchen will throw you right back to the ‘50s without giving up any conveniences of today.

This time period was also big for European style in the appliance world, although most appliances in Europe are slimmer than American brands. Though small in stature, the shaping and color combinations of these appliances were nearly works of art. Capturing this history in today’s kitchen or entertaining area can be done. Just like North America, Europe has manufacturers that have put all the effort to give you an instant feel of being in the ‘50s with color and style.

The time was colorful, elegant and unique in style”

These vintage styled options allow you to have the look and feel of the Fabulous ‘50s, without giving up any of today’s modern conveniences.