Home Hacks: Think big by going small

In an age of bigger TVs, oversized pillows, giant SUVs and just a general feeling of wanting larger items, we have lost some focus on how the small and efficient items actually can help us more in the big picture.

Story by Jeremy Press
Jeremy Press (aka the Appliance Whisperer) of Appliances by Design has agreed to provide home appliance tips and advice to LOCAL Life readers. Got a great home appliance tip? Contact him at [email protected]

This statement is especially true in the appliance world. There are advertisements all the time for the largest capacity washers and dryers, super-sized ovens and gigantic refrigerators. But is bigger truly better? The new year is always a great time to think about being organized and getting off to great start. These smaller kitchen and laundry solutions can help you do just that in a BIG way by giving you more space and flexibility in your home. Hope you have a happy start to this new year and keep organized.

So fresh, so clean • Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart Front Load Washer: This front-load washer offers premium fabric care with 13 different wash cycles including a time saver. A direct drive motor makes it virtually silent during all cycles. Available at Appliances by Design. $1,199


It is not uncommon for a Lowcountry home to have two sets of laundry, especially if you have a home designed to entertain guests. But rather than having a laundry room with two huge sets of washers and dryers, try a smaller set in the master bedroom area. A smaller personal set would allow you to keep your articles of clothing from mixing with any guests that might be staying with you. These smaller machines use much less water and still have enough capacity to hold a small comforter. Some can even be installed in cabinetry to keep a master closet organized.

Small wonder • U-Line 24″ 1000 Series: This small wonder holds up to 61 12-ounce bottles or 114 12-ounce cans. Available at Billy Wood Appliance. $2,319


While some commonly sold refrigerators can reach sizes nearly 30 cubic feet and beyond, the footprint they take up in a kitchen is tremendous. These humongous boxes can be over 6 feet tall and over 3 feet wide and deep, thus cutting down on walking areas in your kitchen, not to mention having to find everything inside of the refrigerator itself. A smaller solution without giving up storage space is undercounter refrigerators and freezers. This fast-growing solution allows you to have door or drawer options that will stay under counter height and not protrude into your walking area. If you have a home with a view this option also allows for more flexibility by not blocking the windows that are adjacent or near your kitchen. These options can be paneled to match your kitchen or you can have them stand out in a number of colors and finishes. The smaller compartments also are good for organization and ease of finding exactly what you need quickly.

Steamed up • Fisher and Paykel Built-in Combination Steam Oven 24”: This smart oven allows you to cook food in its own juices to retain nutrients and flavor. With nine oven modes, it doesn’t just steam, but also has broil and fan functions. Available at Appliances by Design. $2.999


While having an oven large enough to fit a turkey or large roast is important, having an oven large enough to fit two or three turkeys might be a little over the top. A trend that has been around for a while now in cooking is steam and speed ovens. Both steam and speed ovens offer unique ways of preparing food more efficiently and in some cases healthier. Steam cooking has been a health trend for over a decade now and these smaller, more efficient ovens can prepare countless recipes from vegetables to seafood, to poultry in just minutes, allowing you to prepare healthy choices with very little effort. Speed ovens combine convection cooking and microwave technology, allowing you to prepare your meals in a fraction of the time it would take a large oven to even get up to temperature. Both options give you and your family more flexibility on time and since they are smaller ovens, there is less wasted energy in preparing meals.