Home showcase: Countertop coordination

Two types of luxurious stone brighten up this Indigo Run home.

Story by Andrew Williams + Photography by Lisa Staff

After noticing a crack in her old granite, the owner of this Indigo Run home felt the timing was right for a complete kitchen renovation. To complete the project, she enlisted the help of Distinctive Granite & Marble. 

“(The homeowner) wanted something lighter to brighten the space up but also needed stone that coordinated with the rest of her house,” said Distinctive’s Courtney Jansen. “She also wanted a statement piece on the center island and then something calmer for the perimeter.” 

For the island, the owner went with Patagonia granite — a bold, scratch-resistant stone with colors and shades mixed in an eclectic fashion. For the perimeter, she selected Fountain Blue, a crystalline quartzite with a glass-like surface.

The kitchen island is Patagonia granite with an eased edge. The perimeter stone with the cooktop and sink is Fountain Blue quartzite with an eased edge.

With the bar area visible from the kitchen, the owner decided to replace the countertop with Patagonia granite with an eased edge, just like the kitchen island. Even acidic foods like tomato sauce will leave no mark on the durable and unique-looking surface.

The owner decided to upgrade her laundry room countertops with Fountain Blue as well. She then used one of the Patagonia slab remnants to update a bathroom just around the corner.

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