Home showcase: Elevated luxury

This soaring Port Royal Plantation stunner was built to offer it all.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photography by Anne

Luxury home builder Ben Kennedy of Brighton Builders has seen it all and done it all. He’s built homes that were created to capture deep-sea views and golf course vistas alike, homes for families, homes for dog lovers, homes for the snowbirds and homes for every need you can imagine. 

With this home in Port Royal Plantation, he was entrusted to build something that offered it all. 

“They wanted a beautiful 4,000-square-foot house that could accommodate the entire family, so we designed everything to their needs, down to the mother-in-law suite to the in-home office to the outdoor spaces because they love to entertain,” he said. “They wanted to have a home that suits their whole lifestyle.”

Loaded with quiet indoor spots, blissfully airy gathering spaces and one of the most eye-catching pools on the island, it’s safe to say that the punch list was long, but Brighton Builders managed to check off every item on it.

The majestic scenery of the home’s façade points to the inspired design within.

Exterior front 

To take full advantage of the lagoon views, the entire home was built so the living space begins on the main floor. On the ground floor, a pair of garage doors at either end of the home’s façade guides the eye up the natural textured steps to the dramatic entryway. 

“We elevated it enough that you can have this symmetry from the front,” said Kennedy. “It’s all very proportionate, and that center entryway really attracts your eye.”


If there was one space that demanded the most attention in fulfilling both the need for comfort and entertaining, it was the kitchen. “Trying to find the right design was important,” said Kennedy.

To hold all the pots, pans and gadgets that the homeowners use as avid foodies meant storage was a must, with ample cabinetry ringing the wide center island. “We kept the center island large because we needed places to gather around and prepare for gatherings,” said Kennedy, “but we also wanted a kitchen island where you could share life with friends.”

As a statement piece, the custom-built range hood from Forsythe Metals adds dramatic flair to the crisp yet detailed kitchen cabinet design.

An overall neutral aesthetic of creams and smoky grays is broken up beautifully with wood and metal accents.

Great room 

The oak wood flooring and wood accent ceiling add just a touch of earthy rusticism to a place that otherwise exists in service of those mesmerizing views. And those views get even more entrancing thanks to the double set of nine-foot-tall sliders. 

“The pool was raised nine feet off the ground, so you can walk right out into the pool,” said Kennedy. “You see through to the outdoors as soon as you walk in, and there’s the option to open the doors and walk right into the pool.”

Thanks a lot 

There are a million decisions that go into building a home – trim, finishes, layout, where to put the hot tub… but before you make any of those calls, the first and perhaps most important decision is where your home is going to go.

“You really have to find one that fits your needs,” Kennedy said. 

The size obviously has an impact, as does the orientation: marshside, beachfront, wooded, golf-oriented. Is it near a main street or close to amenities? And as if that isn’t enough, you need to look at the condition of the lot itself. Trees on-site as well as existing infrastructure can both cause delays in construction and headaches down the road.

“Ultimately, we want to make sure our clients are happy there in the long-term,” said Kennedy.

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