Home showcase: Something old, something new

Treasured heirlooms anchor sheer elegance in this elevated Palmetto Bluff home. 

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photos by Photography by Anne

When Tracey and Peter Lang began exploring possibilities for designing their dream home in Palmetto Bluff, they didn’t have to go too far.

“They saw a model home that I did in Palmetto Bluff, and she said, ‘I want this person to do my house,’” said Kelly Caron, one of the most sought-after designers in the upscale community. “I was with them all the way through architecture and space planning and did all the hard selections for the interior. Every element was something I picked with them.”

Well, almost every element. A pair of treasured family heirlooms — a dining table and a gorgeous four-postered bed – anchored their respective spaces and gave Caron a chance to flex her creative muscles. “These things really made the home special, so it didn’t feel like you were walking into a model home,” she said. “And the Langs were very open to suggestions so that things would feel current.”

By marrying her signature aesthetic to the timeless elegance of these heirlooms, Caron created something in the Lang home that is distinctive, yet unmistakable Palmetto Bluff. “I love that it’s a little bit more of an elevated, smarter look,” she said. “Palmetto Bluff homes are traditionally sought after because they are more relaxed, but this home takes a turn toward more of a smart and tailored look.” 


At the heart of any home is the kitchen, and it was here that Caron was able to make use of two dramatic pieces to create a dynamic balance of space and finishes. 

Of course, the one element that jumps out first is the bold range hood, cutting a bold geometry above the stove. “I am 100 percent obsessed with this custom range hood. It’s from a company called Francois & Co.,” she said. “It’s understated, elegant, and I love the contrast between the limestone and brass.”  

The second element is the massive center island, perfectly proportioned to add separation and function without cluttering. “I love that it’s actually useful. It’s very smart in the space,” she said.

Dining room 

The centerpiece of the dining room is the Lang family table, passed down through generations. To smarten up the space around it, Caron added fresh dining chairs with linens in a subdued color palette. A soft sisal rug and silk-embroidered window treatments layered on texture, while a dramatic overhead chandelier created a sense of space.

“I loved the blends of finishes. They all play nicely together,” she said. “It makes it feel comfortable and as if it evolved over time.”

Master suite 

As with the dining room, the challenge here was incorporating an antique piece – the grand four-postered bed – into a space that maintained the fresh, smart feel of the rest of the home. And as with the dining room, it was a challenge Caron relished. 

“We started with the Visual Comfort hanging lantern and then lighter walls to give it some color,” she said. “With the antique four-poster, softening everything would create a serene feeling; then as you gravitate into the master bath, you’re greeted with gold and brass.”

Powder rooms 

With antiques serving as a centerpiece to both the living room and master suite, Caron pursued a more vintage look in the powder room, with turn-of-the-century hardware and calacatta gold marble. “It’s a really interesting, elegant twist.”

For the second powder room, oriented toward the outdoor spaces, a bold navy blue palette paired with antique nickel finishes stands out amid the subdued visuals of the rest of the house. The result is a distinctly nautical vibe. 

“We kept the main powder room a little bit more formal to coordinate more with the overall living spaces,” she said. “But we wanted to have a secondary space that translates that look completely differently.”

Outdoor spaces

A Palmetto Bluff home is by and large defined by its outdoor spaces. After all, what’s the point of living in paradise if you don’t get out and enjoy it? With this home the architects created a pair of distinctive outdoor spaces, each serving its own purpose. 

In one, vaulted ceilings soar above a traditional outdoor living room complete with fireplace and television. In the other, a swinging day bed and retractable screens create a supremely comfortable space built for summer nights. 

“The architects did a wonderful job of making sure there was room to enjoy the outside,” said Caron. “It’s such a livable space.”

Architectural notes

Court Akins Group was the architect of this stunning Palmetto Bluff home. William Court shares a few of his favorite features:  

  • Extensive mahogany detailing offsets the front entrance, creating a lasting first impression.
  • Simple gable-formed elements create the master wing, the outdoor living wing and the central entrance to this home. A dramatic cupola sits atop it all.


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