Beautiful Oldfield SC Home for Sale with blue, purple and pink sky

Home showcase: Southern grace, French taste

Big Easy charm infuses Lowcountry luxury in this spectacular Oldfield home.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photos by Wayne Moore, Back River Photography

This exquisite Oldfield residence was recently listed for sale by Catherine Donaldson with Sotheby’s International Realty, inviting you to embrace the captivating charm of the Big Easy and the serene lifestyle of the Lowcountry.

Growing up in New Orleans, Suzanne Hatcher’s early years were informed by a fascination with the grand French-inspired architecture that was all around her. It’s a fascination she’s carried with her as she and her husband have meandered far from The Big Easy, finding their way to the Lowcountry.

“When we first started looking for places to retire, we came here on vacation,” she said. “I was so taken aback by the Angel oaks, the Spanish moss, the rivers… I just fell in love with it…. It’s so similar to New Orleans here.”

With the location set, it was time to put her focus on creating her dream home. Self-described as a “frustrated interior designer” who has nearly every Charles Faudree book ever published, she set about weaving together French and Lowcountry influences in her new Oldfield home. The results, as you can see, are magnifique.

“I know when I travel and come home to this house, I walk in the door and I’m just very comforted. It brings me to a point of relaxation,” she said. “The perfect marriage in a house like this is a certain amount of elegance, but also comfort. It has a casually elegant feel.”

Bourbon Street meets Magnolia Lane

The front porch is the epitome of Hatcher’s mission to blend French and Southern influence into something uniquely inviting. Flanking a custom eyebrown design front door are Bevolo gas lights that would fit right in on Bourbon Street and eight-foot French topiaries.

“That stems from my love of French plants – I’ll often combine those with fresh florals like peonies, roses and my favorite, hydrangeas,” she said.

A harmony of heritage 

Among the soaring, sunlit Okatie River views from the Great Room is a space that exemplifies the classic French beauty Hatcher pursued in creating her home’s design. With wide-plank floors, crafted from seven different species of wood harvested from churches and warehouses in North Carolina, and walls that rise to a haint blue ceiling, the canvas is all Lowcountry. But the brilliant brush strokes of blue and green, hued in Louis XIV chairs and antique accessories, embody French grace.

“My mom loved design and always used these soft blues and greens that I found so inviting and uplifting,” said Hatcher. “The colors relax guests and make a nice backdrop for our impressionistic art.

Tradition meets trend

Contrasting crisp white cabinets against Savannah Brick in a nearby sitting room, the kitchen is a masterwork of blended colors and textures. The rich grain of the wood guides the eye to the smoky grays of the Tesora Bianco marble countertops, which segue into the imported blue and white French Faience Delft-tile backsplash. Antique platinum chicken wire on select cabinet frontages softens the modern lines and creates a French country feel. And, of course, Louisiana’s design is well represented by the pair of kitchen island pendants.

A niche of nostalgia

One element of the home that strays from the overall French countryside feel is a prominent alcove boasting a wealth of Dorothy Hamill memorabilia. Rich with souvenirs of the famed figure skater’s career, including a real Olympic torch, skates, a competition-worn costume and a vintage 1977 Dorothy Hamill doll, the display showcases an American icon whom Hatcher knows simply as a close friend.

“She and I became hiking partners in the Colorado mountains, and we bonded over our shared love for things like King Charles puppies and design,” said Hatcher. 

In fact, Hamill played a role in the home’s design, choosing the kitchen backsplash and providing several of the treasures scattered around the home. 

“She loves blue and white china as much as I do. A few times we’ve found ourselves buying matching pieces,” said Hatcher.

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