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Home Tech: Don’t leave the comforts of home behind

Take your home tech with you

When you get out of Dodge this summer, don’t forget to take the comforts of home with you. Whether you are going to cool off at a mountain lodge, sail the open seas or head out on the highway to the perfect Airbnb, make sure you pack the essentials. And we don’t mean your toothbrush.

Alexa loves to travel

There are so many good reasons to take your Echo with you, including keeping your playlist close by, finding a great local restaurant and telling you tomorrow’s weather. As long as there’s Wi-Fi at your vacation spot, here’s all you need to do:

Set up is a breeze:

Plugin your ECHO and wait for it to boot up, then press and hold the action button (that’s the one with the dot on it) for six seconds. This initiates the Echo’s Wi-Fi pairing process and turns the light orange. 

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone, go to “add a new Echo device” and input the Wi-Fi password.

To use your Echo locally wherever you are:

Open the Alexa smartphone app.

Tap on “Devices” and select your device (the Echo you’ve taken on vacation).

Pick the country you’re visiting from the list, enter the address of your hotel or holiday rental, and tap “Save”.

Take your cable TV with you

If you are a Hargray customer, make sure you sign up for TV Everywhere. With that app on your mobile device you can stream your favorite shows from wherever you are. You can even program your DVR with the app so you will never miss a show. It’s available on the app store. 

Power up 

No matter where you are going, there will not be enough outlets for USB and all your chargers, so take an extension cord to stay charged. We love this One Beat (available on because it has outlets and USB ports.

Pro Tip: Make sure it has surge protection.

Don’t weight 

Now for the bad news. You don’t have to give up on your diet just because you are away. This NewlineNY Auto Step On Super Mini scale only weighs 20 ounces so it’s easy to pack. Bonus: If you are flying, you can weigh your luggage to see if it needs a diet to stay under the airline weight surcharges.

Game on

Just in case it rains, tuck your Oculus or Nintendo in your luggage. If you don’t have a gaming system or don’t want the bother of bringing one, you can enjoy game time with your mobile devices. Our favorites for group play are: