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Home Tech: Is your coffee table a scary gadget graveyard?

Try this simple and smart universal solution

When your friendly Hargray technician installed your cable, he may have connected your TV remote to your cable remote so you’d only have one remote and life was simple. Then Uncle Doug came over and pushed all the wrong buttons so you needed to use one remote for on/off and another for volume. Then you got a new sound system. Then Apple TV. Then a Ring doorbell. Then a gaming console. Now the coffee table looks worse than the box of wires and cables in the attic.


For around $800, you can do away with all those remotes and integrate your Alexa, stream your music and control the other technology in your home from the comfort of your recliner with a universal remote. There are many brands of remotes, but the mac-daddy is the Neeo by Control 4. Neeo can even turn on and off lights, lock the door and lower the shades with the push of a button.

What we love

1. Sleek, elegant design. 

2. Access any television from any room, and queue your favorite tunes to stream through the entire house. 

3. Make your favorites front and center on the home screen. 

4. Switch between video sources including Apple TV, Roku and even gaming.

5. Quickly access the home screen. 

6. All controls are accessible all the time.

7. Keep the remote charged on the sleek charging base.

Best of all, you can reclaim your coffee table, stop fighting with the remotes and sit back to enjoy the show. 

According to Sandy Benson, owner of Custom Audio Video, “25 years ago plasma televisions were all the rage and set you back up to $20,000. That technology was ‘behind the screen’ and focused on the display and sound of the television — it was complicated but was simple for the user. Fast forward to 2021, and now it’s all about streaming and multiple devices, and the remote is the brain of the system. Remotes can become complicated but should be simple, which is why we prefer the Neeo by Control 4 Universal remote — it provides an easy to use interface to enhance the user experience.” 

If you have more than one remote or if you ask “where’s the remote” as often as you are asked “when’s dinner,” it’s time to retire your remotes.