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Home tech: Swimming in new technology for your pool

Have the coolest pool on the block

A pool is as much a part of home design as it is for swimming, and as pools have become more spectacular, so too has the technology available to control and enjoy them. From lighting to safety to music to cleaning, you can do it all with the push of a button–or a shout-out to Alexa.

Carefree cleaning

Ahhhh, the glistening, pristine water is so relaxing … until that first leaf falls in. And where there is one leaf, there are many. Let this wireless solar-powered skimmer keep the leaves away so you can play. Heads up — they aren’t cheap (over $500) — but they do the trick.

Synchronized swimming

Schedule all of your home features to turn on and off together or separately. With apps like you can control the temperature, turn on water and fire features, control the filter pump and even set your remote pool cleaner to start rolling.

Let there be light

In-pool lighting is common with most new and older pools, but what about ‘on-pool’ lighting? It’s easy to make your backyard oasis feel like the patio at a chic South Beach boutique hotel with the addition of colored balls. White always looks classic but you can mix it up with the flick of a switch. 

Safety first

Protect your kids and pets with a cute wristband that sets off an alarm if they fall into the pool. Fence regulations vary by community, which is weird to those from the North, where pool fences are mandatory. This heightens the importance of safeguards, and the Safety Turtle is one.

There’s an app (and Alexa Skill) for that

Many of the new pool tech features can integrate with Alexa by setting up a Skill. For example, if you have the iAqualink app, you can add it as a Skill, then say “Alexa, set the pool temperature to 82 and turn on the waterfall.” Kick it up by adding Sonos or your sound system to a skill, then say “Alexa, play Walking on Sunshine on Sonos by the pool.” Now it’s a party.