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Home Tech: Unleash your inner Martha Stewart

Freshen up with some low-tech ideas from the grocery store and garden

We know that Martha Stewart probably has a crew of people that make her styling look so effortless. But it really can be easy to freshen up a room without another trip to HomeGoods. Just ask yourself, ‘what would Martha do?’ or even easier, check out these five inspo pins.

1. Edible decor. Fresh fruit in a clear bowl adds color and taste appeal. Bonus: You may be more likely to grab a healthy, shiny apple than to reach for a chocolate bar. Or maybe not.


2. Yes you can. These metal cans once held vodka drinks and were repurposed to herb containers straight from the grocery store produce aisle. Bonus: Simply take the small herb container and drop it in the can. Easy peasy.


3. Don’t forget the veggies. Vegetables add a different spectrum of color and look farm-fresh in this cute white ceramic container.
Tip: If the veggies are on shelves in the grocery store, they can be left out on your counter.


4. A little sprig adds a lot of color. When your flower bouquet starts to die off, grab some of the flowers and sprigs that are still pretty and put them around your home. Bonus: This sprig is in an empty salad dressing bottle which gets extra points for upcycling.


5. Get outside. Add a personal touch by combining the flowers from the grocery store with some greenery from your yard. Tip: Open up the bouquet and rearrange the stems in your vase so it doesn’t look like a grocery store bouquet.