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Home Trends: 2020 Vision

What’s hot in the coming year for your home? We asked area experts for the look ahead.

The new year is upon us, and as long as calendars have been flipping over to a fresh set of months, there have been those looking to predict what the year will bring. And even in something as simple as home design and décor, reading the tea leaves can often bring mixed results. Just ask J.P. Morgan’s father, who saw his son’s mansion being wired for electricity by a young inventor named Thomas Edison and declared that in-home electricity was just a fad.

But sometimes, having a vision for the future simply means looking to the past and following trends to their logical conclusions. Doing so requires a wealth of knowledge in your field and thumb placed firmly on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s happening. As such, we chose to let our area’s experts take the crystal ball and run with it, showing us where the home is headed in 2020.


The rise of the owner’s entrance

Once decried as simply “the mud room,” the owner’s entrance has become a bigger and more important aspect of architecture, and will continue to do so in the coming year.

William Court, principal of Court Atkins Group, has been on the leading edge of Lowcountry architecture for years, and has seen how owner’s entrances have become a perfect way to add utility to a home’s layout without sacrificing style.

Design by Kelley S. McRorie Interior Design | Photo by J. Savage Gibson

“The way I present that to a client is that 98 percent of the time, this is how you are arriving into the home so let’s make it special. You never use the front door, you’re coming in from the garage – so what does that experience feel like? What do you throw down, where does all the stuff go? Cell phone chargers, mail, all that stuff,” he said.

Mudrooms can be a beautiful and functional control center to the home instead of a dismal pass-thru space next to the garage.”

What he’s seeing now is an expanded owner’s entrance that marries the usual “landing zone” for stuff with a space for the washer and dryer, dog grooming station and craft area.

In the Kitchen

Color and texture

Just as the whites and maples of the 80s and 90s gave way to the darker woods and granite of the new millennium, kitchen trends are continuously evolving. The dichotomy of crisp whites and more industrial farmhouse looks that have dominated the stylebook over the last decade are beginning to bleed into one another, opening up a slew of possibilities.

Arlene Williams of Arlene Williams Kitchen Design has highlighted a few trends that will gain traction in 2020. Firstly, she sees the uniform themes of the past few years giving way to a two-toned look, with a darker finish on the base cabinets contrasting against a lighter finish on the wall cabinets. “A couple of our favorite combinations is dark navy, such as Anchors Aweigh paired with a fresh white such as Chantilly Lace, and dark walnut or stained oak cabinetry paired with a softer white,” she said. “These combinations bring contrast to your space and allow you to incorporate more of your favorite colors into your design.”

She also sees textured woods and metal accents as trends that will continue, albeit as more subtle pops of industrial vintage materials against standby design elements. And the trend toward decluttering countertops will continue with undercabinet LED lighting systems that integrate GFCI and USB outlets.

Home Entertainment

The Foldable TV

Asking Sandy Benson of Custom Audio Video to look ahead to 2020 actually requires a little bit of looking back. Considering the speed at which home entertainment technology moves, she’s usually looking ahead much farther than the coming year, to the technological advancements that will be heading into homes 5-10 years down the road.

She did, however, share one exciting piece of technology that – ahem – rolled out at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. “This magical, rollable 65-inch OLED TV has the style and picture performance to really impress – even if the lack of a firm release date is killing us,” she said.

Combining OLED picture performance with a 2nd generation Alpha A9 processor and WebOS 4.5 Alexa compatibility, the LG Signature Series OLED TV R TV can be folded and unfolded as needed, good for up to 50,000 unfurlings. For now, Benson cautions, it may not be highly likely that you’ll be able to purchase one of these in 2020, but it’s a cool glimpse into where the technology is headed.

Smart Homes

More than just automation

The rise of the smart home has been well documented, and is by no means new. What was once mind-blowing voice-activated technology has now become commonplace, with Google dropping the price of their home mini to $20 (if not outright giving them away to Spotify subscribers).

But what’s truly exciting in the field of smart homes is where the technology goes next. Trent Williamson with Hargray sees smart homes becoming even smarter thanks to new advancements surrounding the actual device. To begin with, he sees smart security systems coming to the forefront, doing far more than simply raising the alarm during a break-in.

“The best function of smart security is that you can control your systems remotely,” he said. “This means you can access sensors for carbon monoxide, fire, flood, temperature, and air quality while you are away from home. So, if you forgot to turn down the air conditioning before going out of town, you can access your thermostat from your phone and avoid an unnecessarily high bill. Smart security is trending because it allows homeowners total control over their systems, giving them peace of mind that their home is safe and secure.”

He also sees the infrastructure behind smart homes pushing these advancements with Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) delivering blazing-fast broadband to more and more homes and Wall to Wall Wi-Fi ensuring seamless coverage to all the devices found throughout the home.

Interior Design

Think sculptural and tribal

The team at Plantation Interiors has identified three design trends heading into the

new decade.

1. Sculptural: Look for cocktail tables that take on sculptural forms, such as hourglass, twists and geodes. Hot furniture pieces feature the use of cast bronze, carved stone and inlayed woods in geometric patters and shapes.
2. Unexpected materials: Cool new combinations combine authentic materials such as end-grained wood or live-edge wood with glass, steel and upholstery.
3. Tribal: Tribal influences such as spear points, perforations, jutes, graphic patterns and neutral colors are trending in home furnishings.

Home Accessories

Mix it up

For Ann Higgins Interiors at Scout Southern Market, a hot trend in 2020 is honoring the past.

“I see a return to layered rooms that include a mix of unique pieces,” she said. “Whether they include an antique buffet, vintage rug or handcrafted pottery, the choices reveal the story of who inhabits the home.”


Go realistic or bright

Keeping your home up to date starts from the bottom up. Here are two trends from our local experts.

1. LVT is even better than the real thing: The team at Floors To Go reports huge demand for COREtec luxury vinyl flooring in 2019 and doesn’t see that trend slowing in the new year. The waterproof, kidproof and petproof flooring realistically mimics the appearance of natural materials like stone or wood and comes in a wide range of styles and finishes.
2. Make a statement with vibrant colors: Unique patterns, prints and bright colors are in style, according to the team at KPM Flooring. Imagine if you replaced the bland carpet in your home or office with a classic blue and white leopard print. Now that’s trendy!

Trendy home decor

Give your home a 2020 look with these accessories from local businesses.