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Hot Diggity Dogs: Buddy and Muffin

Is all of this staying at home driving you stir-crazy? While we have been increasingly isolated from one another during this mess, many Lowcountry residents have taken comfort in the companionship of their pets. Their unconditional love and loyalty can benefit an owner’s emotional well-being. If you’re looking to join the furry fun club, here are two great dogs to consider.

Adopt them at Hilton Head Humane Association,, 843-681-8686.


This young guy can bounce with all four paws leaving the ground. There is truly nothing funnier to witness. Buddy is just a little over a year and weighs 44 pounds. In the words of Narwhal from the movie Elf, “Bye, Buddy, hope you find your dad!”

Color: Black and tan

Age: 1

Likes: Tennis balls, beach days, Ozark (Season 1). “Over the course of the season, things went from bad to worse and then worse again.” — Buddy

Dislikes: Social distancing. “I’ll be glad when belly scratches from random strangers are acceptable again.” — Buddy


Muffin went through a recent divorce and would really like a fresh start in a new home of her own. She’s a little shy, but super sweet and loves chin rubs. She just needs a little TLC (not the TV channel or the girl group from the ‘90s).

Color: Tan and black

Age: 5

Likes: “Gourmet food for dogs, shiny objects, mellowing out to some cool tunes.” — Muffin

Dislikes: Tight hugging. “Unlike primates, we canines have no history of grasping each other to show affection. Let’s lick faces instead!” — Muffin

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