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Hot Tech: Health

An FDA-approved medical device that claims significant and even complete relief of menstrual pain. Claims to provide relief within seconds. $149
As well as weighing you, this scale checks your heart rate, water percentage, body fat, bone mass, muscle mass and more. It also keeps a record so you can compare your vitals over time. $149
Motiv Ring
Designed to track activity, heart rate and sleep. This smart ring can be worn 24/7, even in the shower. $200
Omron Evolv
A wireless blood pressure monitor that lets you easily measure, record and share your blood pressure data with your family or doctor using an app. $89
A wearable device that tracks pollution around you — particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. Clip it to your bag. $200


SharkBanz 2
The world’s first active shark deterrent wearable. The device uses patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species. $44