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Hot Tech: September 2019

Cool products and accessories to help enhance your local life.


Creating a new way to ride, Beryl’s Laserlight helps bikers ride without fear. This light projects feet ahead of your handlebars so drivers know you’re coming, even if you’re in their blind spot. Available at for $170.

uKeg Growler

Enhance your tailgating party with this mini keg. Able to hold 8-10 beers, you don’t need to worry about your brews losing their chill in the September heat. Available at for $230.

Phat Golf Scooter

This electric scooter is changing the way a round of golf is played. Reducing environmental damage as well as the amount of wear and tear to a course by 50 percent, the Phat Golf scooter is a new way to play. Order the 2019 HD Golf Electric Scooter at for $3,495.

Oculus Quest VR Headset

Experience a different universe with this virtual reality headset. Instead of lounging on the couch with a controller, get up and get moving with no wires, no PC and no limits. Available at for $500.

Kettlebell Connect

Save space with this kettlebell from Jaxjox. Starting at 12 pounds and going to 42 pounds, the Kettlebell Connect adjusts by 6 pound increments so you save space and money by not having to purchase multiple kettlebells. Available at for $300.

Motiv Ring

Replace that bulky fitness tracker around your wrist with the Motiv Ring. Its subtle design tracks your active heart rate, your sleep and all your activity from a casual walk to a high-intensity cardio workout. Available at for $200.

Reliefband 2.0

Love the water but hate the side effects that come with it? The Reliefband helps treat nausea due to motion sickness, chemotherapy and morning sickness associated with pregnancy. Available at for $175.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Blow away those summer blues with the latest tool in hair care. This 23.75 karat gold hairdryer is designed for fast drying and gives you the smoothest look. Available at for $450.

Hover Camera Passport

Able to track you through your face or body, this drone requires no app or cellphone to fly. Its folding design allows you to capture your memories on-the-go. Available at for $600.

Swimmer Duo

Blast all the summer jams on this portable speaker. With a flexible tail and suction cup attachment, loop it around your handle bars or stick it in the shower. Either way, you’re guaranteed a good sound. Available at for $30.