How does your garden grow?

If you own a greenhouse, it grows very well all year long.

CLOSE TO HOME – Hartley Botanic shares this example of a greenhouse designed for a South Carolina homeowner.

There is an expression in the Lowcountry: “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour.” That is why avid gardeners in this area have a strategy and the tools to build and maintain a vibrant year-round garden. Throughout the year temperatures can range from 32 to 105 degrees, and depending on the month, the temperature on any one day can start at 45 and peak at 73 degrees. Then there is the rain that can go from non-existent for weeks to torrential for days. Those weather extremes alone pose challenges for novice as well as experienced gardeners. 

Greenhouses are becoming much more popular in South Carolina, especially since the pandemic. 

Many people turned to gardening as a stress release and hobby only to find gardening became a year-round and lifelong passion for the whole family. A trend toward cleaner eating and organic food has increased the sale of fruit trees and vegetable plants and seeds. Those dynamics have accelerated the growth of greenhouses in the area (pun intended).

IN A FOG – If your porch looks like this some mornings, it might be a sign you need a greenhouse.

One hesitancy in pursuing a greenhouse is some homeowners’ misconception that greenhouses are large, commercial-looking structures and will not be compliant with POA or HOA guidelines. Due to the growing popularity of greenhouse gardening, there have been significant advances in greenhouse technology, size and design that make it much more accessible for homeowners and acceptable to community associations. 

“Our client decided to abut the greenhouse to his house for convenience and space. They chose our Victorian Gallery model in forest green with stainless steel door handles. Since it’s South Carolina, we ensured there was plenty of venting for the steaming summer weather. Our range of finishes, colors and hardware help to make the greenhouse a part of the home and meet POA guidelines.” LL

Pro Tips
Hartley Botanic answers common questions. 

1. What if my community doesn’t allow greenhouses? Greenhouses can be designed and customized, just like any outdoor living space that needs to meet POA standards. There are many colors to choose from so the frames, style and size can integrate with the home’s design. We have found that many POAs have an outdated perception of what a greenhouse looks like, so we work with designers and homeowners to provide detailed plans and drawings that satisfy most ARB guidelines. 

2. What if I have a small yard? Greenhouses can range from seven square feet to over 120 and can abut a house or be freestanding. A custom solution can integrate the greenhouse with the house to minimize the amount of yard space required.

3. How much maintenance is involved with owning a greenhouse? Just as your garden requires maintenance, so too will your greenhouse. Fortunately, due to technological advancements, maintenance is much easier. For example, self-cleaning windows, powder-coated painting and rust-proof materials keep a greenhouse looking new for years. 

A spokesperson from Hartley Botanic said, “For many of our clients, a greenhouse enables and enhances their evolving lifestyle. Families grow their fruits and vegetables, tend to their gardens as a hobby and enjoy colorful blooms and plants all year.”  

If a greenhouse is on your list of home upgrades or lifestyle changes, you better get growing and start your research.

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