Pink florals in watercolor

How-To: Arrange grocery store flowers like a pro, almost

Flower Power

There is nothing like fresh-cut flowers to brighten any room, and nothing like a one-of-a-kind arrangement by a floral artist. If you want a quick pick-me-up, choose an arrangement from the grocery store and rearrange it.


Pro Tips

1. Choose the right vessel or vase, and pay attention to the height, shape and opening.

2. Trim your stems so the flowers are closer to the vase. You want the flower to be the hero, not the stems.

3. Speaking of stems, strip them of leaves and stray twigs. They will look nicer in the vase and absorb water better.

4. Add the foliage, one piece at a time and point them in different directions.

5. Insert flowers, one at a time, tallest first and work in a circle.

How to choose the right container

It’s easy to determine when containers are too small for your plants – they won’t fit. But it is less obvious when a planter is too large. Too large is just as detrimental to plants as they tend to hold more moisture, which limits the air flow and leaves the soil damp for long periods of time. 

Excess moisture and insufficient air flow often cause issues like root rot, yellow leaves and root diseases. Choosing the right planter size helps ensure the plant receives the correct amount of nutrients and water.

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