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How to Heritage: A locals’ guide for fashion, fun and festivities

The RBC Heritage proudly claims the title of South Carolina’s most celebrated sporting event, captivating over 100,000 fans annually from every corner of the United States and beyond. Dubbed “Heritage Week,” this spectacular occasion boosts the state’s economy with a substantial $102 million infusion each year, making it a highly anticipated event among the local community. For many, it’s the highlight of the year, a time when the spirit of the Lowcountry shines brightest. In our quest to ensure you make the most of this event, we’ve reached out to several locals who have attended numerous RBC Heritage tournaments for insider tips and thoughtful recommendations. Embrace the traditions, revel in the camaraderie, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through one of golf’s most cherished gatherings.

RBC Heritage - Fans lined up along the fairway
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Best day to go 

“After attending a few dozen Heritages, I would say that Thursday is a great day to attend, as the crowds are lighter. If you want to see all of your friends, Saturday is the best day and probably the most social of any day. Think cocktail party with some golf thrown in. Sunday afternoon is when it gets serious.”  — John Chiacchiero

RBC Heritage Outfit Ideas
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What to wear 

“I love seeing the Heritage fashion parade. All ages can and do participate. Have some fun big sunglasses and hats, keeping the brims modest so as not to block views of others. This is not the Derby, after all. Flat or platform shoes or some fabulous sneakers are a must. And don’t forget a touch (or more) of tartan. Plaid shoes and belts are fun. One year my daughter and I made tartan capes!” — Beverly Serral 

Hilton Head Island, SC- February 27, 2022: The Harbour Town Lighthouse is partially reflected in the water of the harbor.

How to get there 

“The most convenient and accessible tournament parking is actually by boat. You can reserve dockage for the tournament and not have to worry about traffic or taking the buses. You can also ride your bike to the tournament to avoid vehicle traffic. The tournament actually has a secured area for bike parking in Harbour Town.” — Steve Birdwell 

Concessions at the RBC Heritage
HOT SPOT: 1&9 Village, a lively open-air venue, boasts an array of amenities including two bars, a cozy patio, a merchandise pavilion and clean restrooms.

Where to go

“Venture off the beaten path to enjoy the scenic homes, trees and golf course. I like starting at hole No. 4 and walking across to hole No. 5. It’s about as far away from the social atmosphere as you can get. The holes meander around the Harleston Green neighborhood, named after the birthplace of American golf clubs, established in Charleston in 1786. Walking along that area is scenic and feels nostalgic. When I’m looking for more action, it is hole No. 15, where you can see both the golf and partake in the festivities.”  — Carol Bartholomew

“Hole No. 15 offers a great vantage spot as players make the decision to attempt the difficult second shot to reach the par 5. Also, avoid crowds by watching the players on the front nine, especially holes 4-6, as well as holes 11-14. A special, underrated viewing place on the front 9 is at the crossroads between 2 green, 3 tee, 6 green and 7 tee. And new public grandstands will be available on holes 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 17 and the driving range.” — Steve Birdwell

“Find a spot along the 13th and 14th holes. There is a lot of excitement there!” — Susan Ochsner

Links Grill - Sea Pines

Food (and drink) for thought

“Some of the best barbecue on the island can actually be found on the course during tournament week. Fraser’s Tavern brings a smoker on site and sells barbecue in front of the No. 10 tee.” — Steve Birdwell

“While there is no clubhouse access this year, guests can still enjoy the clubhouse experience after 7 p.m. and dine at Links.” — Mary Doyle 

“The perfect Heritage day always starts with a Bloody Mary.” — Beverly Serral

Heritage House - RBC Heritage
©Wayne Moore, Back River Photography

Off the course 

“The last few years I have donated to the Heritage Classic Foundation as a Tartan Club member. This not only provides a donation toward what the HCF represents but also allows me to purchase tickets for a day of golf. The ticket then gives us access to spend a day in the Tartan Club Skybox and The Heritage House. It’s a very nice way to enjoy the day of golf and have full access to food and drink.” — Sandy Benson 

RBC Heritage Professional Golfer signing autographs

On the course 

“We expect tee times to begin at 7:30 a.m., and the course will open at 7 a.m. This will give you a chance to look for players warming up, getting in some practice swings. Walk the course before the crowds arrive. This is one of the great things about the RBC Heritage — you can walk everywhere. Keep moving and see it all! Be sure to watch the volunteers on the course for QUIET signs. Also, turn that phone to silent so you can take lots of pictures without disturbing players. If you have questions while at the course, we have over 1,500 volunteers working. Just ask!”  — Ann McBrien 

The schedule

Monday, April 15: (closed to spectators) RBC Heritage Monday Golf Outing Presented by Boeing

Tuesday, April 16: Noon, opening ceremonies; youth day; pro practice rounds all day

Wednesday, April 17: 7 a.m., RBC Heritage Pro-Am; noon, golf outing

Thursday, April 18: RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing begins, first player tees off at 7:30 a.m.

Friday, April 19: Second round begins at 7:30 a.m.

Saturday, April 20: Third round begins at 7:30 a.m.; noon, Plaid Nation Games, Heritage Lawn

Sunday, April 21: Final round begins at 7:30 a.m.; 7:30 a.m., Sunrise Service, Liberty Oak

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