How-to: Load a dishwasher

Settle an age-old argument: There is a best way to load a dishwasher.

Let’s start with a disclaimer… dishwashers vary in terms of racks and trays, so please do not contact our editor to settle a dispute in your household. However, the principles of loading a dishwasher apply to most configurations.

Lock and load

By following a few simple guidelines, you can optimize space and ensure thorough cleaning for all your kitchenware.

1. Position dishes toward the center

2. Angle dishes downward

3. Place large items like mixing bowls on the bottom rack

4. Mugs, cups and glasses go upside down on the sides of the top rack

5. Containers and lids can go on the top rack if they are dishwasher-safe

6. Place large trays and platters on the sides of the bottom rack

7. Knives should have the handles up; spoons and forks should face up but avoid nesting

8. Large bowls and pots can go on the bottom rack (if dishwasher-safe)

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